Magnetisk beskyttelse for gafler.


Cascade Magnetic Fork Covers—DAGS, are designed for use in any application where forks are used to lift products that could be damaged from contact with bare forks. These versatile magnetic covers have been used to protect a wide variety of loads including but not limited to painted metal, anodized aluminum and wood products.

Developed for the painted metal and aluminum industry, DAGS protect surfaces subject to scratching or wear, including powder-coated metal surfaces or anodized aluminum. Drivers can install the DAGS in seconds without any tools. These durable magnetic fork covers consist of a black rubber upper layer, a metal inner core and a magnetic bottom layer.


  • Install or remove in seconds—no mechanical or electrical work required
  • Adheres securely to forks
  • Resistant to abrasions, atmospheric agents and oil
  • Stores within easy reach on any flat metal surface on the forklift
  • Lightweight, does not limit truck residual capacity
  • Heat resistant up to  80° C
  • Reduces noise